Lato font family updated to version 2.015

We have just released updated desk­top fonts for the Lato fam­ily (ver­sion 2.015). You can down­load them here:

  • Beta sup­port for mark attach­ment (for Latin, Cyril­lic and, to some extent, Greek).
  • Improved screen qual­ity: auto­hinted using ttfau­to­hint 1.3.

Please test these fonts exten­sively and con­tact us if you find any problems!

We have also released updated web font kits for the Lato fam­ily (ver­sion 2.015). You can down­load them here:

These fonts have the same improve­ments as the desk­top fonts. In addi­tion, they come in two fla­vors: “Lato” with full char­ac­ter set (160−640 KB per font) and “Lato­Latin” with just the Latin char­ac­ters (40−150 KB per font). The web font kits now include WOFF2, WOFF, EOT and TTF. We believe that the “ran­dom dis­ap­pear­ing char­ac­ters” prob­lem has been resolved as well!

One comment

  1. Con­grats on the release!

    There’s still a few issues that I had men­tioned before. I’ll just repeat the ones that are mis­takes and not design deci­sion depen­dent:
     – U+026A ɪ is incor­rect, the glyph must have top and bot­tom ser­ifs: ɪ́, ɪ̀, ɪ̄, ɪ̂, ɪ̌, ɪ̋, ɪ̏, ɪ̃, etc. must dis­tin­guish­able from í, ì, ī, î, ǐ, i̋, ȉ, ĩ, etc. as they can be used at the same time. The same applies to U+1D7B, ᵻ U+1DA6, ᶦ U+1DA7 ᶧ, they also must have top and bot­tom ser­ifs.
     – U+0250 ɒ is incor­rect, it is a turned script a/​Latin alpha (U+0251 ɑ) not a mir­rored one. It should be script a turned 180 degrees.

    It’s nice to see progress on the mark placement.

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