Lato family updated to version 2.010

We have just released updated desk­top fonts for the Lato fam­ily (ver­sion 2.010). You can down­load them here:

  • Improved some con­tour bugs and dia­crit­ics positioning.
  • Improved out­line quality.
  • Revised OTL fea­tures so that they will work in browsers.
  • Improved screen qual­ity: auto­hinted using ttfau­to­hint 1.1.
  • Updated Medium weight to pro­vide more visual dif­fer­ence from Regular.

Please test these fonts exten­sively and con­tact us if you find any problems!

Note that the web­font down­loads avail­able here are still in the older 2.007 ver­sion. We’re work­ing on updat­ing them. In the mean­time, you can use the FontSquir­rel gen­er­a­tor to con­vert the new 2.010 desk­top fonts to web­fonts. Also, it’ll take some time before the fonts appear in web­font ser­vices such as Google Fonts or Adobe TypeKit.


  1. Hi Łukasz, when do you think the web font for 2.010 will be avail­able? I did try con­vert­ing using font squir­rel, but the ren­der­ing and base­line is off. Espe­cially for the bold vari­ant. Thanks.

    Really nice font by the way.

  2. Hi, ɪ U+026A must have ser­ifs or top and bot­tom cross bars if you will. As you have it, like a dot­less it, it’s com­pletely unus­able with dia­crit­ics. In IPA tones, nasal­iza­tion and artic­u­la­tion fea­tures can be indi­cated with dia­crit­ics: ɪ́, ɪ̀, ɪ̄, ɪ̂, ɪ̌, ɪ̋, ɪ̏, ɪ̃, etc. These need to be dif­fer­ent from í, ì, ī, î, ǐ, i̋, ȉ, ĩ, etc.

    • Thank You!
      Before pub­lish­ing I tried to find some­one to review IPA part but with no suc­cess.
      I will cor­rect those errors in next update!

    • Cool. Here are a cou­ple of other notes:
       – ɒ U+0250 should be a rotated ɑ U+0251. Unless I’m wrong it’s a hor­i­zon­tally flipped in upright fonts but cor­rectly rotated in ital­ics. The let­ter with upper­case is used in some Cameroon lan­guages, but its glyphs should be closer to a Greek alpha, with an angled onset stroke crossed by an angled exit stroke end­ing in a hook upward or to the right.
       – The cap­i­tal of ɥ U+0265, Ɥ U+A78D is miss­ing.
       – Ɣ U+0194 should be more like a scaled up low­er­case ɣ U+0263, with a round loopy bot­tom. The tri­an­gu­lar shape is an archaic glyph vari­ant and prob­a­bly should be the default. I’m guess­ing it ended up in Cal­ibri because the only ref­er­ence used dates from 1928. http://​www​.bisharat​.net/​D​o​c​u​m​e​n​t​s​/​p​o​a​l​3​0​-​t​a​b​l​e​s​.​h​t​m​l​#​tbl More ren­cent doc­u­ments using use the loopy glyph. I would leave the angu­lar vari­ant in the font as a styl­is­tic vari­ant as it might be used in Liberia (I haven’t been able to con­firm that yet) since the angu­lar cap­i­tal Bhook is also used there.
       – ƥ U+01A5 is also found with the hook on the right top of the bowl. That seems to be the pre­ferred glyph in Sene­gal. The form you have is prob­a­bly the pre­ferred glyph in non-​​standard IPA.
       – The hooks on Ƙ U+0198, Ƴ U+01B3, ƴ U+01B4 are a bit weak. Think of the dif­fer­ence with K Y y as the dif­fer­ence between G and C, it’s not just about adding a bit, it’s about mak­ing that bit a sig­nif­i­cant dif­fer­ence. The hooks can curve fur­ther around, for ƴ it can alter­na­tively stay flat as it is but be above x-​​height.
       – ɠ U+0260 can also have a double-​​storey vari­ant. It’s rare but I’ve seen it in doc­u­ments from Guinea https://​twit​ter​.com/​m​o​y​o​g​o​/​s​t​a​t​u​s​/​5​3​8​2​4​8​9​0​9​9​5​7​9​1​0​528
       – Many glyphs are miss­ing anchors, like ð or q. They can be com­bined with dia­crit­ics in IPA or in some orthogra­phies (includ­ing the upper­case).
       – Ezh Ʒ ʒ and yogh Ȝ ȝ are not the same let­ter. Yogh can look like ezh, but it would be bet­ter if they were dif­fer­ent. Ever­son wrote this http://​www​.ever​type​.com/​s​t​a​n​d​a​r​d​s​/​w​y​n​n​y​o​g​h​/​i​n​d​e​x​.​h​tml about it.

      That should be it.
      Are there UFO sources?

    • No UFO sources now. Process of build­ing Lato is a bit exper­i­men­tal, pretty hard to share (and explain what’s up)

  3. It is ele­gant, mod­ern and clear, thank you for your hard work. By the way I would like to ask you for ő-​​Ő and ű-​​Ű if it is possible.

  4. Hi,

    First of all thansk this tiny font. I use this font on my web site. I add google font api url but some Turk­ish char­ac­ters didn’t shown reg­u­larly. (I use latin-​​ext)
    But I down­load last ver­sion of fonts and test it, it’s ok. Every­things ok.
    I think google­fonts for­get update this font.
    What can I do?

  5. When I down­load v2.010 from this site, only 8 of the 18 weights include the updated Czech char­ac­ters (i.e., č): Thin, Thin Italic, Medium, Medium Italic, Semi­bold, Semi­bold Italic, Heavy, Heavy Italic. Do you intend to update the char­ac­ter sets for the remain­ing weights?

    • Łukasz,

      Bingo! Clean­ing sys­tem font cache revealed the updated char­ac­ter sets. Thanks for the tip.

  6. Oh. I just noticed. ᵿ should be based on the Latin upsilon ʊ not on the Greek upsilon υ. Don’t trust Cal­ibri for that glyph. The ᵿ rep­re­sents a vowel roughly between ʊ and ʉ.

    • The same applies to ᵻ, which is ɪ (men­tioned in an ear­lier as miss­ing its ser­ifs) with a stroke. The ᵻ rep­re­sents a vowel roughly between ɪ and ɨ.

  7. Hey, you never men­tioned it in the news but the new down­loads already fea­ture 2.010 don’t they? At least that’s the ver­sion I see in TTF when I downloaded.

    It’d be nice if you could get this to GWF soon.

    There is an issue with ver­ti­cal posi­tion­ing with the down­load ver­sion in IE.
    See here.


    Should be cen­tered ver­ti­cally as it is in Chrome but it’s not. I tried fix­ing it with var­i­ous CSS styles but noth­ing worked. I used Font Squir­rel to make my own ver­sion and the ver­ti­cal posi­tion issue was not there but also fonts lacked some qual­ity (I guess we used dif­fer­ent set­tings). It’d be nice if you packed Font Squir­rel gen­er­a­tor set­tings with the down­load so we can com­pare (would like to take your other set­tings but use mine for ver­ti­cal posi­tion­ing and hint­ing. Or bet­ter yet, try to fix it in down­load file.

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