1. Very nice! Say, can you go over the OpenType/​CFF hints while you’re at it? I noticed that the font doesn’t ren­der too cleanly with Adobe’s CFF ren­derer in the newest FreeType and found e.g. that one blue zone starts at 1015 when it should start at 1013 (see the ‘v’).

    • Ver­sion 2.0 is a new, cor­rected in many datails, respaced, rek­erned, rehinted. So, we can expect new bugs :)

    • Dustie, there are pol­ish char­ac­ters already. I added them three years ago and I use them each day. They’re only invis­i­ble in google tab. This is a test: Koń i łódź żrą pięść.

  2. I’ve been adding bosn­ian let­ters for some weights with Font­Forge (and renam­ing font, as license requests), but now all weights should be com­plete… prob­a­bly even cyril­lic char­ac­ters for ser­bian… happy, happy, happy, happy 😀 😀 😀 Thank You !!!

  3. Good to hear. So sup­port for Hun­gar­ian will be avail­able for Lato? Can you con­firm and give us a date? I would need to use Lato in Hun­gar­ian on a cou­ple of sites early March.

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