Thorough quality assurance

Lato in Microsoft Word 6.0c on Win­dows 3.11

When devel­op­ing Lato, we employ very thor­ough qual­ity assur­ance meth­ods, and want to make sure that the fonts really work every­where. How­ever, due to the cur­rent qual­ity of hint­ing, we do not rec­om­mend using Lato in small sizes on Win­dows 3.11.


  1. Unfor­tu­nately, that’s not really pos­si­ble. It was only Mac OS X that added direct sup­port for .ttf files. The “clas­sic” ver­sions of Mac OS (7 through 9) sup­port True­Type fonts in a FFIL resource con­tainer. Mac OS 6 and ear­lier did not use True­Type fonts at all, just bitmap fonts. 😉

  2. Shoot, you should have told me already. I printed it out, but I for­got my dot-​​matrix printer doesn’t have that font. State of the art you know.

    You can always con­vert for test­ing on Sys­tem 7. It’s impor­tant to be thor­ough as you say. Besides I got mul­ti­ple mas­ters work­ing on OS 9, so if you con­vert to a MM font, we can have some real FUN with Lato.

  3. THIS is a font that I was look­ing for, just as sim­ple as I need and still very ele­gant. WOW. Def­i­nitely gonna use it on my site. Also looks great on my Mac’s Retina display 😉

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