Lato version 1.102 released!

We just released ver­sion 1.102 of the Lato fam­ily. You can down­load the fonts now.

This ver­sion is a tech­ni­cal fix: it no longer causes prob­lems with Adobe CS apps, and includes some basic Open­Type Lay­out fea­tures (liga, case and sups). This release is tar­geted espe­cially for users who want to use Lato in desk­top applications.

UPDATE: Ver­sion 1.102 still does cause the same prob­lems. It has since been resolved, so get the newest version!


  1. An ultra black ver­sion would be nice. Any plans for it? Right now, for an ultra black effect, I am out­lin­ing the font but this is not an idea solution.

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